With the liberalization of electricity in Japan, consumers now have the ability to choose their Power Producers and Suppliers, or REU.  Previously, the 10 regional utilities, including Tokyo Electric Power Co. and Kansai Electric Power Co., were the sole Power Producers and Suppliers for their areas, meaning they purchased and distributed energy to their customers.  But with liberalization, a wide range of companies can sell power – including XOOM Energy Japan.

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What does this mean for consumers?

Liberalization gives customers the ability to choose their REU. .

The EPCO continues to deliver the energy to your home regardless of the REU you choose.

Will switching my PPS result in rewiring my home?

No. New Power Producers and Suppliers will use the existing power cables in your home.  Your local EPCO will continue to deliver the electricity to your home.

Here's the Simple Breakdown

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What are Generation Companies?

The entities responsible for generating electricity.

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What are Power Producers and Suppliers?

Your PPS buys electric power from wholesale markets. We make all the arrangements for energy to be delivered to your local EPCO using the most economical transport paths available. Whether it's across the country or across town, we handle all the details to make sure the energy shows up.

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What are EPCO Companies?

Your local EPCO delivers your energy to your home or business, just as they always have. The means of distribution is the same, even if you are buying your energy from a PPS, like XOOM Energy. We will be contracted by your local utility and we will integrate our system with theirs to make this a seamless, hassle-free operation. Bottom line, you enjoy uninterrupted energy service with the added benefit of being able to choose the products and plans you want.